July 24th - July 27th


Bulgaria was nothing like I was expecting. I thought I would see echoes of it's dark past and Nazi sympathies or maybe some creepy old castles, but instead I was met by cheesy beaches and seaside carnivals. Bulgaria is trying to revamp its image by making itself Europe's vacation destination. I was a little disappointed and didn't end up taking very many pictures, but here are at least a few to further show you what I mean.

 The pier our ship was docked at.

 The entire street looked like this. Carnival rides, fake tattoo booths, beach shops, themed bars, and hotels were all I found in Varna and its surrounding cities.

I met my girl, Angie, there though! I love her.

My room mate and I had both always wanted to take old-fashioned photographs and there were several places to get them done in Bulgaria so we took full advantage.

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