July 18th - July 22nd


 We had to wear long sleeves, head scarves, and floor length skirts.

Me, Yufei, and Chen 

We are gangsta! This is me with my bodyguard, Eric. 

 Inside the Hagia Sofia (I've seen it spelled so many different ways, I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling). It was a mosque, church and now it's a museum.

 The Turkish Bazaar

I have decided that my favorite smell in the whole world is the Spice Bazaar.

Istanbul Bar Association

 For class I was able to question a panel of members of the Istanbul Bar Association. We discussed women's rights in Turkey and met the head of the Women's Rights Commission of the Istanbul Bar Association. It was a truly enlightening experience.

 Ancient Turkish Bath

 I went to an ancient Turkish Bath with my room mate and my friend, V. The bath has been around since the 1500's. It was a once in a lifetime experience. If you think a Turkish Bath is like a spa in the United States you will be very surprised. They do it the same way they have been doing it for centuries. They scrub you till you feel like you have rug burn all over your body!

 My new favorite drink is Turkish Apple Tea. It is amazing.


It's hard to believe this was once the famous city Troy. It looks more like piles of rubble now. 

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