July 30th - August 3rd


 The tour buses waiting for us outside of the port.

Our ship at port. 

 The lighthouse at Alexandria

The beach. It was packed with men and boys. Most women don't swim in public places and if they do they have special conservative clothing to wear. 

 Eric and his friend, the goat.

 The Library of Alexandria

 How the jewelry shopes makes a cartouch (the necklaces with your name in hieroglyphs).

 The man who made my cartouch wanted a picture with me...

And one with gigantic Eric. They stood on their tippy toes so they didn't look so short next to him!


 Eric stares down the sphynx.

The Sahara.


 Jeep safari  in the Sahara

 Camel ride in the Sahara.

 Walk like an Egyptian.

 V was so excited to be at the pyramids!

 There was a lot of watermelons in Egypt.

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