July 1st - July 3rd


The Vatican Museum 

 The Vatican Museum

 Athena, the goddess of the hunt, in the Vatican Museum

Me in the Vatican Museum with my fun spy earpiece. 

 The guards in Vatican City

 Rome right before the storm

 Rome before the storm.

 The Coliseum in the rain

 Me in the apocalyptic storm. 

 Inside the wet Colesium.


  This reminds me of a Tim Burton themed cathedral. Inside are images of beheadings and saints being burnt at the stake.

 The front of the amazing cathedral.

 The view from Orvieto, a mountain top town.

 The snails keeping out of the sun, or trying to, the sun is hard to avoid this time of the year.

 Shelly and the man at the pasta shop. He wanted his picture taken with us for some reason. Note the delicious gelato in my hand.

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