August 9th - August 12th


 The kids at the SOS Children's Village we visited outside of Casablanca.

 The beautiful seaside mosque.

 These men sell water on the streets of Casablanca. They hold the water in their goatskin pouches and pour it into a cup for you for a small fee.

 The doors in Morocco were beautiful.

 The Marketplace

 An advertisement for Rick's Cafe. Remember the movie "Casablanca"? This cafe was inspired by the RIck's Cafe Americana that Humphrey Bogart owned in the movie.


 Me shooting Shelly with a cannon.

The unfinished courtyard and tower. The architect died over a hundred years ago. 

 The walls surrounding the gardens.

A beautiful door in the gardens.


 Delicious macaroons and mint tea.

 One of the many shanty towns throughout the Moroccan cities.

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