June 24th - June 27th

 This monument in Cadiz commemorates the Spanish constitution. Cadiz was the only Spanish city not taken over by Napoleon.

This was my friend the cat who lived in the nearby park. I named him Gato. That means "cat" in Spanish.... I think... 

There are parks and fountains everywhere in Spanish cities. They were beautiful! 

 The boats at low tide. 

 That was for you Adrien.

The cathedral in Cadiz 

 Handmade cake toppers. Same-sex marriage is legal in Spain.

 The  beach Halle Berry was at in that James Bond movie. I am not even kidding.


The Spanish countryside via our train window. 

AN ANCIENT AQUEDUCT!!!! I was so excited to see the ruins of roman aqueducts just hanging out in random places all over Spain. *sigh. History at my fingertips. 

My bodyguards in Spain, Eric, Joe, Gordon, and Russel. 

The cathedral in Sevilla. 

The cathedral in Sevilla from halfway up the bell tower. 

The Spanish coast with some of my travel buddies including Joe and the interport visitor from Italy, Alessandro. 

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